Rewarding your customers for loyalty is a critical component of the success of your engagement strategy. We probe and gain insights about your customers and their demographics to determine the optimal reward selection for your solution. Rewards must be aspirational, personal, have high perceived value and be obtainable to maximize the effectiveness of your engagement strategy. We work closely with you and your team to choose the right reward mix for your solution.

Some of the reward options available for your programs are:

  1. Your Products & Services – Offer your customers more of your brand
  2. Virtual Rewards – Deliver e Gift Cards immediately to your customers using our proprietary solution
  3. Gift Cards & Certs – Let your customers choose their reward from our Gift Card Boutique
  4. Physical Products – Offer your customers a selection of relevant national merchandise brands
  5. Affinity Points – Align your brand and reward your customers with affinity award points
  6. Credit Cards  - Reward your customers with cash
  7. Charities – Give your customers the ability to donate to their favourite charty
It’s our mission. It’s our focus. It’s our promise.  It’s Pendulum thinking!