Innovative Thinking

What is innovative thinking? For certain, to be innovative one needs to be creative and possess a wealth of courage and conviction. There can be no fear of thinking outside of the box. To be an innovative thinker one definitely needs to possess these strengths as well as the innate ability to look at an obstacle straight on and envision the solution hidden to most; the solution that maximizes results.

We combine this type of innovative thinking with our robust menu of tools to implement the most effective engagement strategies to influence behaviours, reward results and instill sustainable brand loyalty. We choose the best tools in combination or on their own to maximize your results and achieve your objectives.

We develop programs in these categories and more:

  1. Loyalty Points Programs – longer term customer engagement strategies that instill brand loyalty
  2. Digital Communications – email strategies to engage, inform and change customer behaviours.
  3. Promotions – short term directed strategies to drive brand awareness and other goals.
  4. Referral Programs – Customer acquisition strategies to reward membership and loyalty.
It’s our mission. It’s our focus. It’s our promise.  It’s Pendulum thinking!