Your customers are unique and their behaviours are constantly influenced by changes in the economy, new products and by your competitors. Now more than ever you need the tools and the thinking to engage and reward your customers in new and innovative ways.

We analyze your business to gain insight about your objectives and your customers. We determine your requirements, uncover your obstacles and develop the most effective engagement strategy using the best tools on their own or in combination to maximize your results and achieve your objectives.

Below is a listing of some of our tools:

  1. Loyalty Points Programs
  2. Email Solutions & Communication Strategies
  3. Promotion, Program Strategy & Execution
  4. Pin Code Generation
  5. Contests, Surveys & Polls
  6. Auctions, Group Buy & Referrals
  7. Coupons & QR Codes
  8. E-Commerce Store Front
  9. Social Media Integration
  10. Dashboards & Reports
It’s our mission. It’s our focus. It’s our promise.  It’s Pendulum thinking!