Our team thinks differently.  We have over 40 years experience building, launching and managing customer engagement strategies. We know that your customers are unique and that their behaviours will change as the economy continues to evolve and new competitors enter the marketplace.

We help you to better understand your customers by engaging them differently.  We influence their behaviours and instill loyalty to your brand with sustainable results. We focus on optimizing the effectiveness of your customer data by combining innovative thinking with a robust menu of tools designed to engage/influence your existing customers and attract/engage new customers.

At Pendulum Thinking – we think differently! We probe and gain insight about your business, your business objectives and your customers. We develop and implement innovative engagement strategies with a focus to acquire new customers, shift the behaviors of existing customers, increase sales, penetrate new markets, enhance product launches and reward your database. Our innovative engagement strategies will effectively change how you interact with your customers and how they respond to your brand today and tomorrow.

At Pendulum Thinking we don’t just manage programs; we manage your customers’ behavioural pendulum. We deliver maximum results and achieve sustainable brand loyalty.

It’s our mission. It’s our focus. It’s our promise.  It’s Pendulum thinking!